Important Policy & Regulation For Tutors

Tutor's Responsibilities

Tutors should be very responsible in every class. Starting and ending classes on time and avoiding unnecessary absences.


Tutors get paid in Korean currency KRW (not in US Dollar) within the 5th day of next month, after the classes are 100% completed. This means that not completed classes due to tutors’ problems (like illness, going abroad, bad internet connection, etc) are not paid. Tutors get paid through So we strongly recommend that tutors get a paypal account. Xoom is also possible. Tutors should pay for the transfer fees. In case students are not satisfied with the first class, they can ask for a refund then the class is cancelled. (No class, no pay policy). Please refer to the following details:

Paypal Fees
Receive payments funded by Credit Card, Debit Card or Buyer Credit 5.4% + $0.30 USD (limit of 5 transactions per 12 month period)** for domestic or U.S. transactions
2% + applicable Fees Fees for cross border payments
5.4% plus $0.30 USD for card payments received using PayPal on Skype
Multiple currency transactions Exchange rate includes a 2.5% fee
Fees for cross border payments

Xoom Fees
Xoom offers two different fee schedules: Value and Standard.
Value Service offers the lowest fees; Standard Service fees are slightly higher.
Value Service requires that you pay for the transaction with a US Bank Account.
Standard Service is required when you are paying with Paypal or a credit or debit card.
Both Value and Standard rates are based the recipient's country and how the money is paid out (Pickup, or Deposit, or Delivery).
Please visit the Xoom fee calculator to see the specific fees for your recipient's country



Tutors must not offer students private tutoring and must not accept offers from students regarding private tutoring. We don't take any responsibilities for any loss and damage. If proven guilty, tutors must pay indemnities of $ 5,000.

 Enrollment Procedure and tutor's reporting duty

After the first class, the tutor has to make a level report, which is shown to the student. The tutor is also required to make a daily report and a monthly report at the end of the period.

English Name

The student has to make his nickname prior to the start of the class.

Tardiness / Absence without prior notice

Student's Tardiness : The class will be cancelled if the student is 5 minutes late for a 10-minute or 15- minute class,10 minutes allowance for a 25-minute class, and 20-minutes for a 50-minute class. The student will not be given a make-up class.
Student's Absence without prior notice : will be counted as normal paricipation in Class
Tutor's Tardiness : A tutor must prolong the class time to compensate the loss time in case of tutor's tardiness. If a student does not agree to prolong the class time, a tutor must arrange a substitute class for the loss time by consultation with a student. A frequent tardiness of tutor may cause a negative affect to the student's evaluation, and a tutor is subject to any disadvantage.
Tutor's Absence without prior notice : A tutor must arrange a substitute class in case of tutor's tardiness. If it happens more than twice a month(4 weeks), the tutor can be changed on a student's request. In this case the tutor can not be paid for that monthly tuition except for the cases resulted from natural disaster, disconnection of inter network, and the like.

Makeup Class

If the student gives at least 1 day notice of his absence, he or she is allowed to receive up to 3 make-up classes and those makeup classes have to be completed within the 4-week term.

Long term Absence

In cases of emergency or in special circumstances, students can request extension of his or her class depending on the initial length of class. For a 4-week class, students are only allowed to get 3 makeup classes and have to be completed within that term. For a 12-week term, students are allowed to get 4 weeks makeup classes, for a 24-week term, 8 weeks make-up classes, and for a 48-week term, 16 weeks make-up classes. So that students who enrolled in long-term classes can have some breaks in-between.

Holidays (Those that fall on weekdays)

       For tutors' national holiday
Classes will continue as usual, but if a tutor wants a time off, he/she has to arrange with his/ her student and give a make-up class.
       For Korean holidays
There will be no classes and tutors need not give make-up classes to students. They will get paid.
No office works on weekends. Students and tutors should arrange the needs with student manager during weekdays.

 Tutor's Responsibility to maintain a stable Network Condition

A tutor's network condition will be tested with our program(NSchool). The minimum speed for upload / download should be at least 400 Kbps (50KB/s)
A tutor must arrange a substitute lesson after consulting with student or student manager if a lesson is not completely carried out due to an unstable network condition from the tutor's side.
Students have the privilege to change tutors if classes are cancelled more than twice a month due to the instability of tutors’ network connection.
A tutor must improve or change the network condition if network problems happen continuously.

 Refund Policy

If class is cancelled after the first class, 100% will be refunded
If class is cancelled after a week, 50% will be refunded
There will be no refund if class is cancelled after a week.

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